Prototype UI 2
Jessica liu rattown logo

Logo. Despite the shooter and sewer theme, the game is quite stylised and lighthearted. Therefore, I used bright colours. I tested the colours against a dark background to check if the UI and logo would stand out against the relatively dark environment.

Jessica liu rattown logo2

Final logo and menu screen. The "bonk" colour was changed to lime green to fit the green sewer goo in the game. The font was also changed to a less cutesy and rounded font to fit the grungy sewer theme also.

Jessica liu button

Buttons in the game.

Jessica liu merchantsketch

I also concepted and created the UI for the shop. Players would purchase items and weapons from a sly weasel character who worse a large pink coat. When activating the shop, the weasel opens his coat to show the items available.

Jessica liu merchant

This was the shop UI result. Limitations in screen size (being split horizontally) meant that I wasn't able to make the shop too wide and I was to include everything in an approximate space of 960 x 1080 px.

Jessica liu merchantanimated final

The different UI changes and animations for the shop.

Prototype UI 2

I created these UI assets for a second year group project at university. The game is a local multiplayer, split screen third person shooter where players play as mafia rats fighting over territory in the sewers. More descriptions about the UI design choices can be found with the corresponding images.

More artwork
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